My Martech Stack Runneth Over

By Ginger Conlon


2 office suites

3 productivity tools

2 design apps

2 website hosting providers

6 social media sites and one social media posting and analytics tool

5 email addresses and 3 ESPs

1 survey tool

1 online accounting tool

2 web analytics providers




That’s my martech stack, and related tool and apps, just for my sole proprietorship. It boarders on overwhelming. So, when I think about the more than 3,000 options today’s marketers need to consider when building out the marketing stack for their organization, I start to hyperventilate a little.


Selecting the right technology (after you’ve settled on the strategy it will support, of course) is just the beginning. The list of considerations tied to martech investments include having the budget and staff (FTE and skills) to support it, the data needed to optimize it, and the mind-set and processes to get the most out of it.


In many cases today, implementing and integrating marketing technology requires new staff and new skills, new processes and new thinking.


That’s where we come in.


MKTGinsight is dedicated to helping marketing leaders through the change management they need to wrangle through today; to help these marketers address the new realities not just in adopting or updating their martech stack, but also in getting the most from the vast data sources they now have at their disposal. We’re here to provide the insight chief marketers need to align their organization and operations around the customer experience.


We’re kicking off with a plethora of  advice from executives who represent numerous areas of the marketing community: analysts, consultants, practitioners, and vendors. Expect more of their voices—because it’s often the totality of varied opinions and viewpoints that gives us the perspective we need to make informed decisions.


As we expand, we’ll also be going in-depth, into the trenches with the marketing leaders in the field and sharing the gritty details of what it takes to thrive, excel, and innovate in marketing today.


Yes, marketers are racing to keep pace with change, with consumers and competitors, and with new technologies. But that feeling of breathlessness can be exciting. It can charge you up; inspire you to keep moving forward until you hit your stride. And, hey, we’re here to share this wild adventure with you; to make it exhilarating instead of daunting. So, what are you waiting for?


Let’s go!

About the Author

Ginger Conlon, chief editor and marketing alchemist at MKTGinsight, catalyzes change in marketing organizations. She is a frequent speaker on marketing and customer experience, and serves in advisory or leadership roles for several industry organizations. Ginger was honored with a Silver Apple lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the marketing industry.

Find her at @customeralchemy and on LinkedIn.