Thank you for your interest in submitting a “Provocateur” guest post. Here are the requirements and process:


Content: A Provocateur guest post should be just that: provocative. Readers should feel something when they read it: angry or elated, concerned or excited, etc. And, they should feel compelled to take action as a result, whether that action is as small as scheduling a catch-up meeting with the CIO or as significant as a complete process overhaul. These columns should be strategic; no promotional content.


Topics: Columns should address topics drawn from the elephants in the room: What aren't we talking about but should be? What changes do we need to make but are hesitant to adopt? Provocateur guest posts should answer essential questions that marketing leaders need answers to, and address issues that we may agree to disagree on but need to be discussed.


Length: Provocateur guest posts can be anywhere from 400 to 900 words, as long as the column makes the author’s point in a compelling way from start to finish.


Audience: Authors should write their Provocateur guest posts for senior marketers (director and above) who have been in the business at least 15 years and oversee a team.


Authors: An author of a Provocateur guest post must be a senior executive, consultant, or analyst with at least 15 years experience in the marketing industry or as a marketer.


Process: Send an outline or article for review. Acceptance for posting is solely at the discretion of DMCNY. All accepted Provocateur guest posts will be edited for style and clarity.


Promotion: MKTGinsight will socialize guest posts and will include links to select posts in DMCNY's monthly newsletter.


Reprints and permissions: Authors retain the copyright to their column. As such, they are welcome to repost the column on their company or personal website, ideally at least one month after it goes live on MKTGinsight. We request that all reposts include “This column originally appeared on MKTGinsight” with a link back to the site. MKTGinsight retains the right to reuse all Provocateur guest posts in other formats; for example, as part of topic-specific compilation eBooks. We will notify contributors or their representatives if we reuse their guest post.


Contact: Send questions, outlines, and full columns to DMCNY's editorial advisor, Ginger Conlon,