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Let's face it, when it comes to marketing, there are plenty of elephants in the room: What aren't we talking about but should be? What are we afraid to ask but need answers to? What issues must we address although we may agree to disagree? Provocateur is here to answer those questions. Read on, if you dare.

Overcome these common misconceptions and clearly communicate what digital transformation means for your business, and you will be in for a successful and progressive 2019. By Bertram Schulte

Today, the whole influencer landscape is shifting. These seismic changes present marketers with new issues and challenges. With the New Year just around the corner, it also begs the question: What will influencer marketing look like in 2019? By Patrick Foster

There are three forms of AI especially useful to marketers. And congratulations, you’ve been born at the right time to take advantage of them. Or get run over by them like roadkill, if you’re not proactive. By Dave Atchison

The California Consumer Privacy Act. is set to take effect on January 1, 2020. The policy demands that businesses respect consumers’ privacy and provide high-level transparency to their business practices. Marketers, be ready. By Wes MacLaggan

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AI will have greater impact on marketing innovation than anything that came before it. But for the algorithms to be effective, for the machine learning to work successfully, it will take smart, creative humans to put AI to use. By Jesse Wolfersberger

Data, software, and external support can help build confidence in marketing budget decision, while making the entire budgeting process faster and more accurate. By Lilly Wieber

Instead of a linear progression, the buyer's journey is now a dynamic, iterative process involving multiple stakeholders who are sometimes at different stages of the journey. By Andrea Grodnitzky

Marketers who use points to build behavioral loyalty may drive incremental sales, but they’re missing an opportunity to foster far more profitable attitudinal loyalty. By Marci Armstrong

Because of the ease of audience targeting, marketers aren't considering the cost of someone's time and what value we’re giving in return. So, too often, we serve ads that deliver a poor customer experience. By Ben Plomion

We as marketers should be telling our algorithms what we need to know and letting them inform the process. Don’t let algorithms drive the human experience. 

By Nick Godfrey

​It’s up to brands and publishers to communicate to their audiences that they’re active participants in digital media, not just passive consumers. In the next phase of GDPR, we’re all in this together. By Greg Sobiech

Treat events such as back-to-school season as one element of a data-driven, personalized approach to marketing aimed at building long-term customer value. By Patrick Reynolds

In an environment where ROI drives value and begets budget, how can marketers measure marketing performance accurately? Omnichannel attribution.

By Rex Briggs

Adaptive marketing pros are able to tailor their marketing activities based on customers’ behaviors, interests, and preferences. By Adam Mertz

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As a marketing leader, making a difference starts with being brave enough to be your whole self at work and encouraging a culture where other people can be themselves. By Gemma Greaves

Marketing leaders have a shared strategic responsibility with our education systems to build a talent pipeline of future employees with STEM capabilities and curiosities. By Steven Cook

As mobile becomes a significant part of brand marketing spends, header bidding in the context of mobile apps demands brand marketers’ attention. By Anne Frisbie

Research shows that the average company spends 28 percent of its annual marketing budget on content marketing. But are you wasting money on overstuffing your editorial calendar? By Patrick Foster

The most powerful competition actually comes from the customer. Here, are the four most prevalent psychologic barriers to winning customers and how CMOs should work to overcome each. By Andrea Grodnitzky

Hiring an in-demand digital marketing leader requires thinking differently than you likely have been when hiring for other marketing roles. By Ted Pryor

There’s a widening gap between consumers’ expectations and the ways brands market to them. Activating customer data is a highly effective way marketers can close that gap. By Justin Foster

Too many seasoned marketing leaders keep doing what they’ve been doing because people recognize them for their industry prowess. The problem: They’ve become stale and digital natives are running circles around them. By Lisa Nirell

We as marketing leaders need to be brave enough to be our whole selves at work and encourage our staff to do the same. In doing so, we will create an environment that nurtures talent and cultivates excellence. 

By Gemma Greaves

The storylines of the 2018 FIFA World Cup speak to fundamental truths about fandom and customer loyalty. Footy lover or not, there are valuable insights to be had by following the action on and off the pitch. Here are four. By Patrick Reynolds

CX focuses on all customers and the quality of their interactions. Loyalty experience strategies, on the other hand, are most effective when focused on best and high-potential customers. By Barry Kirk and JR Slubowski

Marketers should look at GDPR as an opportunity to stop and reflect on their practices, whether they truly benefit our customers, and how they can transform for the future. By Marisa Ricciardi

One of the foundational elements of a marketer as citizen data scientist — someone who can derive insights from cross-channel, multi-device data — is defining and using a marketing data taxonomy. By Moira Freeman

Without such fundamentals as a clear go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales collaboration, and a focus on revenue generation, B2B marketers won’t be able to get the most from their tactics. By Tim Steele

To make the most of multi-touch attribution and harness the data-driven insights that sophisticated marketing demands, marketers need to lay down the necessary foundation of building a taxonomy. By Moira Freeman

It's time for marketers to stop enabling breaches of consumer trust by blindly buying data; to bring data capture and activation out into the open; and, to give consumers a voice in how their data is used.

By Jonathan Lacoste

​Don’t get bamboozled by the hype that digital transformation has to be an “either/or,” dive-in absolute for organizations rather than an “and” additive evolution. By Michael Lowenstein

The most valuable marketing metric — and, overall business metric — is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Here are six reasons why CLV is the only metric that matters. By Allison Hartsoe

AI is super-exciting to marketers; many want it to be a magic bullet. But, no, it’s not going to change marketing overnight. Here are five ways marketers can start to transform their marketing with AI. By Allen Bonde

Any time a shiny new thing emerges in marketing, this pattern occurs: Someone discovers a marketing trend that works, early practitioners work to excel at it, followers pay attention and share successes, then opportunists bastardize it. By Shane Snow

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