It’s never been more important to make a counterintuitive, even contradictory distinction: DX and CX are not one in the same. In fact, confusing the two can create problems—big problems.

By Nancy Porte

Bringing CRM technology development in-house requires hiring, and retaining, the right people—and ensuring that they focus on your ability to stay in front of a rapidly changing marketplace over the long term.

By Ric Elert

Maintaining a strong brand identity is no longer marketers’ only potential identity crisis. As important is managing their prospect and customer identities. 

By Dave Dague

Marketing organizations and ad agencies are losing top talent to technology companies that offer “purpose” and “culture,” according to the ANA study “Bridging the Talent Disconnect.” 

By Caroline Cooke

Jeff Perkins spent most of his career in marketing working at large enterprises. And then he decided to take a big risk and accept the job as CMO of a startup. Here's what he learned.

By Ginger Conlon

“How we show up in the world and how we treat others matters”—in life and in marketing, Leon Logothetis reminded attendees during his keynote at Energize Growth’s CLIC 2017. 

By Ginger Conlon

Integrating information in a way that makes data accessible to business users, while ensuring its quality and protection, enables companies to find new routes to market, remain competitive, and drive growth.

By Ashley Stirrup

More than half of the employed adult workforce isn’t engaged at work, which negatively impacts the customer experience and can stall digital transformation efforts. Here are six ways to build engagement.

By Phil Britt

It’s time for marketers to take a page from the orchestra: Focus on how all elements of the consumer experience work together to influence behavior and drive results.

By Manu Mathew

As the markets for content and SEO professionals expand, marketing leaders need to ensure they have the means to attract and retain top talent.

By Ginger Conlon

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The “North America State of App Performance Marketing” study digs into trends in five key areas: app marketers, user acquisition, remarketing, measurements and attribution, and ad fraud.

By Hannah Whalen

Decoding digital body language has become more complex with the proliferation of customer touch-points. Here are the top six digital body language behavioral patterns, and what those patterns signal.

By Ben Harris

When a marketer obsesses over acquisition costs it directs attention away from the value of the customer over the lifetime of the relationship she’ll have with a business.

By Nate Hartmann

Marketing leaders are faced with one of the biggest challenges in their careers: the need to evolve beyond the CMO role to become chief marketing technology officers.

By Naveen Rajdev

Trusted Media Brands CEO Bonnie Kintzer has placed marketing, and its unique ability to provide customer insight and action, at the core of a wildly successful transformation.

By Deborah Nason

When customers interact with brands, their interactions often lack the convenience and simplicity they enjoy with tech\ in their personal lives. So, when a brand offers those attributes, it can disrupt even a large, established industry.

By Blake Morgan

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in marketing technology and processes, a cyborg like the character in DEan Koontz’s A Werewolf Among Us is exactly what every marketer needs to become.

By Holly Pavlika

Want faster revenue growth? Stop saying your operations are good enough as is. Instead, adopt a truly prescriptive alignment process to proactively close the gaps in your sales and marketing processes.

By Anna Fisher

DIY tech solutions force marketers to consider the time, effort, and investment they’re willing to commit to the build out. But beyond that lies the need to sustain and grow—where experience and institutional knowledge factors at a premium.

By Ric Elert

Taking an agile approach to closing the chasm between brand identity and vision made all the difference—not only in the speed of its resolution, but also in the quality of the outcome.

By Stella Goulet

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Most customer experience improvement efforts remain vulnerable to a host of problems that stem from misalignment.

By Don Peppers

Stop managing by announcements and start modeling the changes you expect.

By S. Chris Edmonds

Six marketing industry insiders share the hype they’ve had just about enough of, thank you very much.

By Ginger Conlon

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