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Member Spotlight: Vincent Pietrafesa, Stirista

By Christopher Tolve | 9.26.19

As one of the youngest members of the DMCNY board of directors, Vincent Pietrafesa aims to help lead a new generation into the marketing world. He’s brought vivacity — and his special brand of humor — to the club in his role as head of the networking committee.


Pietrafesa began his career in the marketing industry in 2001 when he took a job as a sales assistant at Direct Media. After several years at Infogroup, he then moved on to firms such as Marketfish and BusinessWatch, honing his expertise in direct marketing and lead gen along the way. He currently serves as vice president of B2B products at Stirista, where he has been since June of 2019.


Pietrafesa, who has served on the DMCNY board for five years, was named a Marketing Edge Awards Rising Stars honoree in 2019. He is also sought-after emcee and stand-up comedian — perfect roles “for a guy who can’t sit still,” he says.


In a conversation with MKTGinsight for DMCNY, Pietrafesa gives us his unique perspective on the industry.

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Why marketing?

In college, my minor was in marketing, so I was always interested in it. After I graduated, one of my friends happened to work at a company called Direct Media. He told me there was an opening, and it was close to home, so I just fell into it.


Tell us a favorite customer story.

When I was working for a company called Cookie’s Kids, I was trying to help them identify their customers, whom the company thought were mostly mothers. I was able to figure out that they were actually grandparents buying gifts for their grandkids, so I helped the company change its targeting.

What is the biggest challenge facing the marketing industry right now, and how do you think it will play out?

Fraud. There’s a lot of businesses that are trying to do the right thing and help customers, but there’s also a lot of fraudulent behavior. One of the ways to combat that is transparency, as well as more regulations around it to prevent bot traffic.


I also see the data business becoming more transparent on reporting and performance.


Give one prediction on the future of marketing.

I think marketing is going to become highly personalized. Brands are going work to create a real emotional connection with customers, and we are going to engage our audiences more and more. 


What advice would you give to your younger self as you entered marketing?

Don’t be afraid to demand a seat at the table. Don’t be afraid to ask peers and thought leaders in your field out for coffee. Don’t be afraid to ask for things.


What do you enjoy the most about being a member of DMCNY, and why?

The relationships with those on the board and the people I come across at events. But I especially love representing DMCNY; I like to think I give the new generation of the marketing industry a voice.


If you could work for any company other than your current one, what would it be?

I am a stand-up comedian, and I am the emcee for a lot of DMCNY’s events, so I would love to be on a TV show or platform performing stand-up comedy professionally all over the world.


Share a memorable moment from stand-up.

At my first show at New York comedy club, about 15 years ago, all of my family and friends came to support me, and I was super nervous until I got the first laugh and felt comfortable. It was electric.

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About the Author

Chris Tolve is an editorial intern for DMCNY, as well as for The Drum. He attends Ithaca College.