Decoding digital body language has become more complex with the proliferation of customer touch-points. Here are the top six digital body language behavioral patterns, and what those patterns signal.

By Ben Harris

When a marketer obsesses over acquisition costs it directs attention away from the value of the customer over the lifetime of the relationship she’ll have with a business.

By Nate Hartmann

Marketing leaders are faced with one of the biggest challenges in their careers: the need to evolve beyond the CMO role to become chief marketing technology officers.

By Naveen Rajdev

Want faster revenue growth? Stop saying your operations are good enough as is. Instead, adopt a truly prescriptive alignment process to proactively close the gaps in your sales and marketing processes.

By Anna Fisher

People and people-powered content infuse trust, and that trust drives results for marketers. Balancing science and humanity is vital for reaching today’s consumer, because today’s machines can’t do it alone.

By Holly Pavlika

Making any customer experience strategy work takes three actions: Fit, Execution and Inclusion. Does a fun strategy fit your audience, can you execute it simply, andinclude customers in the fun?

By Chip R. Bell

When it comes to martech and data, it's essential to return to the disciplines of getting it right the first time and addressing the source of problems. Let's not continue to focus on mitigating the symptoms, let's instead get in there and cure the underlying disease. 

By Joseph Puglisi

DIY tech solutions force marketers to consider the time, effort, and investment they’re willing to commit to the build out. But beyond that lies the need to sustain and grow—where experience and institutional knowledge factors at a premium.

By Ric Elert

Taking an agile approach to closing the chasm between brand identity and vision made all the difference—not only in the speed of its resolution, but also in the quality of the outcome.

By Stella Goulet

Most marketers are obsessed with attribution—for good reason. So, consider PR attribution as insurance for money invested in PR. See a return on PR investments by using PR attribution in four key areas.

By Rajagopal Sathyamurthi

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When a brand offers customers the convenience and simplicity they enjoy with technology in their personal lives, it can disrupt even a large, established industry.

By Blake Morgan

Applying production thinking to customer experience is a sure way to remove all the loyalty-building surprise and delight from it.

By Chip R. Bell

Marketers who are intent on taking a data-driven approach can learn a great deal from pollsters’ strategies and missteps.

By Anto Chittilappilly

Most customer experience improvement efforts remain vulnerable to a host of problems that stem from misalignment.
By Don Peppers

CMOs should be thinking about what they need to achieve success now and in the future.
By Lisa Henderson

Stop managing by announcements and start modeling the changes you expect.
By S. Chris Edmonds

It's time for marketers to tap into the power of purpose. Here are three ideas for making it happen.
By Bruce Temkin

Everything is changing so quickly that marketers have less time to get ready to meet today's customer expectations. They need to be ready.
By Katie Martell

Three capabilities CMOs need to generate returns on their investments in consulting that crosses functional boundaries.
By Eric Krell

Six strategies executives use successfully to manage their multigenerational workforce.
By Stephanie Miller

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