Today everything is connected, therefore everything is digital. Traditional marketing uses digital elements to expand, enhance, and amplify client messages. So, it's all just "marketing." By Arthur Germain

Acquiring, synthesizing, deploying, protecting, and monetizing customer data lies at the core of today’s marketing function. This requires that every company have a data strategy. By Matt Collins

Blockchain’s value to ad tech will be limited and, ultimately, will not solve the efficiency challenge in programmatic advertising that some of its proponents have been claiming it will. By Roman Gershman

What’s motivating SMB marketers to invest in digital transformation? Customer expectations, of course. But just as motivational is next-generation marketing technology – a viable enabler of capabilities required to operate competitively. By Meaghan Sullivan

It’s almost impossible to have customer commitment and advocacy without employee ambassadors. As the brand “owner,” marketing leaders must partner with HR to determine the links between customer behavior and employee attitude and action. By Michael Lowenstein

Companies spend too much time trying to appease Dissatisfied Customers. It's more profitable to convert Satisfied Customers into Highly Satisfied ones.

By John Larson

Success in 2018 and beyond requires bridging marketing and commerce with a unified “experience personalization” strategy, not just personalized marketing. By Raj Badarinath

When affective commitment bonds exist between consumers and brands, devoted customers can go to great — even irrational — lengths to support a brand. By Luke Williams

On the journey to implement digital marketing tactics and gain big wins with speed, far too many B2B marketers have abandoned essential marketing fundamentals.... It’s no wonder marketing is in turmoil. By Tim Steele

Marketers need an actionable understanding of what influences consumers across the buyer's journey. Here's how to overcome the excuses for not investing in advanced measurement techniques.

By Wayne St. Amand

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Creative plays an essential role in engagement and conversion, but marketing and creative alignment is not always a given. It should be. 

By Alex Withers

Once CMOs understand why  CIOs feel threatened, they can start the conversation on how marketing and IT can work in partnership to achieve business goals.

By Terry White

If AI is to ever supercharge marketing, it must be fueled by objectively accurate data and marketers must take into account the human element necessary to truly understand buyers' needs.

By Anna Fisher

Maintaining a strong brand identity is no longer marketers’ only potential identity crisis. As important is managing their prospect and customer identities. 

By Dave Dague

It’s never been more important to make a counterintuitive, even contradictory distinction: DX and CX are not one in the same. In fact, confusing the two can create problems—big problems.

By Nancy Porte

Bringing CRM technology development in-house requires hiring, and retaining, the right people—and ensuring that they focus on your ability to stay in front of a rapidly changing marketplace over the long term.

By Ric Elert

Modern CMOs who don’t use data effectively may just as well hand over their customers to the competition.

By John Nash

2018 budget planning has started. In the face of the uncertain forecast, CFOs are expecting more of CMOs than ever before.

By Mark Stouse

Integrating information in a way that makes data accessible to business users, while ensuring its quality and protection, enables companies to find new routes to market, remain competitive, and drive growth.

By Ashley Stirrup

It’s time for marketers to take a page from the orchestra: Focus on how all elements of the consumer experience work together to influence behavior and drive results.

By Manu Mathew

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