Don’t get bamboozled by the hype that digital transformation has to be an “either/or,” dive-in absolute for organizations rather than an “and” additive evolution.

By Michael Lowenstein

Ninety percent of merchants have seen an increase in customers’ use of their digital commerce channels, according to 451 Research. But those merchants aren't doing enough to capitalize on that digital commerce activity. Here's what they should do. By Phil Britt

AI is super-exciting to marketers; many want it to be a magic bullet. But, no, it’s not going to change marketing overnight. Here are five ways marketers can start to transform their marketing with AI.

By Allen Bonde

15 marketing industry experts weigh in on what they see as the biggest myths about digital transformation and what actions marketers should be taking based on the tangible realities. By Ginger Conlon

Some of the best marketing shares a blurry line with customer service. Best Western shifted its approach to both by adding a few thousand helping hands to its “social marketing team.” By Cindy Waxer

GDPR takes effect on May 25, 2018. It’s essential to proceed quickly but cautiously forward and get your data and marketing houses in order. By Ginger Conlon

Today everything is connected, therefore everything is digital. Traditional marketing uses digital elements to expand, enhance, and amplify client messages. So, it's all just "marketing." By Arthur Germain

Any time a shiny new thing emerges in marketing, this pattern occurs: Someone discovers a marketing trend that works, early practitioners work to excel at it, followers pay attention and share successes, then opportunists bastardize it.

By Shane Snow

Several marketing industry insiders each share one important consideration that marketers tend to overlook or underestimate when implementing technology.

By Ginger Conlon

Acquiring, synthesizing, deploying, protecting, and monetizing customer data lies at the core of today’s marketing function. This requires that every company have a data strategy. By Matt Collins

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As marketers plan their 2018 technology purchases, what’s the most important question they should ask the vendors of solutions they’re considering? Here’s what several industry experts advise.

By Ginger Conlon

Blockchain’s value to ad tech will be limited and, ultimately, will not solve the efficiency challenge in programmatic advertising that some of its proponents have been claiming it will. By Roman Gershman

B2B and B2C marketers can and should adapt best practices from areas where the other excels. Here's what several industry experts recommend. By Ginger Conlon

Here's what it takes to find the right talent for your marketing organization, raise hiring accuracy to 90 percent, and be a rock star recruiter. By Ginger Conlon

13 marketing experts reveal what skill or technique digital and traditional marketers should adopt from each other. By Ginger Conlon

Marketers on a never-ending quest for the Holy Grail of a holistic customer view may find that a customer data platform (CDP) will propel them along their journey.

By Hannah Whalen

What’s motivating SMB marketers to invest in digital transformation? Customer expectations — and the next-generation marketing technology required to operate competitively.

By Meaghan Sullivan

Marketers at every level have to keep learning and growing to stay relevant. This may mean adopting new approaches or skills, polishing old ones, or resurfacing ones you’ve disregarded or neglected.

By Ginger Conlon

Brand positioning is crucial because it enables you to identify the white space in the market that you and only you can fill with your product or service in a unique and compelling way. By Ginger Conlon

It’s almost impossible to have customer commitment and advocacy without employee ambassadors. 

By Michael Lowenstein

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