When affective commitment bonds exist between consumers and brands, devoted customers can go to great — even irrational — lengths to support a brand. 

By Luke Williams

Companies spend too much time trying to appease Dissatisfied Customers. It's more profitable to convert Satisfied Customers into Highly Satisfied ones.

By John Larson

Industry experts provide recommendations on what marketers should focus on in 2018—as well as what avoid, as tempting as it may be.

By Ginger Conlon

Your Personalized Marketing Sucks. Here Are Three Simple Fixes

Success in 2018 and beyond requires bridging marketing and commerce with a unified “experience personalization” strategy, not just personalized marketing. By Raj Badarinath

The accelerating pace of DX technology has given rise to fables and fairytales that may sound all too familiar. By Phil Britt

On the journey to implement digital marketing tactics and gain big wins with speed, far too many B2B marketers have abandoned essential marketing fundamentals.... It’s no wonder marketing is in turmoil. By Tim Steele

Unison Home Ownership Investors CRO Bill Walker know firsthand that chief revenue officers who are concerned about customer experience get the business results they want. By Ginger Conlon

Winterberry Group’s annual in-depth overview of marketers' media spending reviews spending in 2017 and provides a preview of expected spending for 2018. By Ginger Conlon

Brand intimacy is so powerful it can mimic the way that people bond with each other. Here's what marketers need to do differently to build that unbreakable bond with customers.

By Ginger Conlon

Marketers need an actionable understanding of what influences consumers across the buyer's journey. Here's how to overcome the excuses for not investing in advanced measurement techniques.

By Wayne St. Amand

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Once CMOs understand why  CIOs feel threatened, they can start the conversation on how marketing and IT can work in partnership to achieve business goals.

By Terry White

Creative plays an essential role in engagement and conversion, but marketing and creative alignment is not always a given. It should be. 

By Alex Withers

Modern CMOs who don’t use data effectively may just as well hand over their customers to the competition.

By John Nash

If AI is to ever supercharge marketing, it must be fueled by objectively accurate data and marketers must take into account the human element necessary to truly understand buyers' needs.

By Anna Fisher

Don’t get so caught up in all that contextual personalization has to offer that you overlook the art of discovery.

By Ginger Conlon

Five business leaders share their advice on how marketers can overcome obstacles to pave their own road to success through marketing innovation. 

By Ginger Conlon

Creativity, determination, and evangelism. ​Those are Monique Elliott's preferred tools to drive innovation. Using them has led to significant business growth for the division.

By Ginger Conlon

The appeal for personalization is high—and consumers are more likely to shop more often with brands that provide personalized experiences.

By Ginger Conlon

The number one obstacle CMOs say is stalling their efforts to innovate? Day-to-day operations and firefighting, according to EnergizeGrowth’s fifth annual “CMO Innovation Trends” study.

By Ginger Conlon

2018 budget planning has started. In the face of the uncertain forecast, CFOs are expecting more of CMOs than ever before.

By Mark Stouse

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