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Experian is offering At-Risk audience segments and consumer research free to essential organizations to help them identify and serve those most impacted by COVID-19. 

AI-based customer segmentation improves everything from acquisition to retention, increasing the overall success rates of marketing campaigns.

By Erika Podesta McCoy

Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, Experience Cloud updates, and new Sensei (AI)-based Intelligent Services highlight how the company is aiming to help its customers become experience companies. By Kim Davis

Using customer data effectively can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction and help a brand stand out. By Ajay Gupta

Marketers who engage customers by connecting based on their values can achieve results eight times higher than using demographic stereotypes.

By Taylor Dua

There's a race to figure out how the vast quantities of customer data companies ingest can be used to support meaningful personalization throughout the customer lifecycle. By Kim Davis

Marketing EDGE has launched its fifth annual EDGE Awards. The 2020 honorees have been announced at a first-ever event at the world-renowned Nasdaq Tower.

Who are the winners in the current marketing and media environment? Winterberry Group's Bruce Biegel provides his forecast for 2020 marketing spending. By Chet Dalzell

Creative is much more likely to perform if you’ve built a bridge between strategy and creative and delivered something that reflects a nuanced understanding of your audience. By Charles Long

Recent consumer research from Pew Research Center shows we have some work to do persuading consumers to let us use data about them for marketing. By Chet Dalzell

Each year the DMCNY presents its highly distinguished Silver Apple Awards to professionals who not only have excelled in their careers, but also have generously contributed their talents to the industry.

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Silver Apple honoree Gretchen Littlefield has a depth of knowledge about the ever-changing marketing landscape that makes her one of the key leaders and innovators in the nonprofit industry. By Ginger Conlon

Mayur Gupta is a marketing trailblazer. He always looks for creative ways to use technology to support marketing, which led to his appointment as one of the first chief marketing technologists in the marketing industry. By Emily Blumenfield

Plenty of marketers claim to be customer centric. Carl Horton Jr. actually is. In fact, the desire to understand people and meet their needs is what drew Horton to marketing more than 25 years ago. By Emily Blumenfield

By implementing marketing and sales processes that conform to GDPR privacy laws, your organization will deliver a positive customer experience that respects the privacy of today’s modern buyer. 

By Peter Gillett

Silver Apple honoree Britt Vatne is proof that creative and data are two sides of an invaluable coin. She has used her expertise in blending creativity and analytics for powerful direct marketing. By Claudia Conlon

As one of the youngest members of the DMCNY board of directors, Vincent Pietrafesa aims to help lead a new generation into the marketing world. By Christopher Tolve

When Ascend2 surveyed 277 marketing professionals about how effective they’ve been at integrating the technology into their overall strategy, their responses were tepid. By Christopher Tolve

Whether a marketing student is looking to launch their career or a CMO is looking for outstanding new talent, Corporate Golden Apple honoree Marketing EDGE is where they often turn to help achieve those goals, says president Terri Bartlett.  By Ginger Conlon

Until marketing is structured to succeed, most corporations will not be able change fast enough and profoundly enough to succeed long term. By Christopher Tolve

Silver Apple honoree Joe Pych has played a foundational role in today’s data-driven marketing. In a conversation with MKTGinsight for DMCNY, Pych shared some career history, advice, and insights.

By Ginger Conlon

Today, more than ever before, consumers are doing the unexpected and they’re buying based on their interests and values; on what influences and inspires them. By Ginger Conlon, Video by Perry Simpson

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Today, more than ever before, consumers are doing the unexpected and they’re buying based on their interests and values; on what influences and inspires them. By Chet Dalzell

DMCNY member company MeritDirect recently named Karie Burt as senior vice president of the multichannel marketing services firm. By Taylor Dua

DMCNY board member Bill McGowan says he didn’t choose marketing; it chose him. Given his distinguished career, it was a wise choice. By Christopher Tolve

Three best practices marketers can use in their marketing strategies to build customer trust and lasting loyalty in the digital age.

By Benjamin Herrmann

Noted marketing strategist Dave Frankland is now using his expertise as managing director of advisory firm Winterberry Group.

By Taylor Dua

In recent years, rewarded video has emerged as the preferred ad format among users. Here are four insights that marketers and publishers need to know. By Gareth Noonan

In a world where consumers are jumping from online to offline channels and back again, retailers need to make the customer experience a priority to get ahead.

By Wayne St. Amand

We’ve entered into a “give an inch, expecta mile” era of marketing, where nearly all consumers have become entitled ones, constantly demanding personalized service of the highest quality. By Claudia Conlon

Experts discuss what is overhyped in marketing now at the expense of a related, more important tech, strategy, or trend and why marketers should focus on it instead. 

By Ginger Conlon

Overcome these common misconceptions and clearly communicate what digital transformation means for your business, and you will be in for a successful and progressive 2019. 

By Bertram Schulte

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The DMCNY 2018 Silver Apple Awards Gala went off with great fanfare on November 8 at the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan. It was a mix of expected and unexpected. By Joe Furgiuele

Today, the whole influencer landscape is shifting. These seismic changes present marketers with new issues and challenges. With the New Year just around the corner, it also begs the question: What will influencer marketing look like in 2019? By Patrick Foster

Identity resolution promises to keep businesses and customers connected in more precise and targeted ways than ever by tightening up the links between these data points in a durable and privacy-safe manner.

By Jason Compton

Each year the DMCNY presents its highly distinguished Silver Apple Awards. We're delighted to introduce you to the 2018 honorees. By Claudia Conlon and Ginger Conlon

Instead of a linear progression, the buyer's journey is now a dynamic, iterative process involving multiple stakeholders who are sometimes at different stages of the journey. 

By Andrea Grodnitzky

There are three forms of AI especially useful to marketers. And congratulations, you’ve been born at the right time to take advantage of them. Or get run over by them like roadkill, if you’re not proactive. By Dave Atchison

The California Consumer Privacy Act demands that businesses respect consumers’ privacy and provide high-level transparency to their business practices. Marketers, be ready. By Wes MacLaggan

Mike Varner, VP of brand strategy for MedStar Health, knows firsthand that with the right approach brand and CX can align beautifully. Varner shared his five success secrets for aligning brand and CX.

By Ginger Conlon

Marketers can aspire to innovate, but aspiration is no guarantee for innovation. Before innovation can happen, a marketing organization its company’s culture must be set up to support it. By Ginger Conlon

Data, software, and external support can help build confidence in marketing budget decision, while making the entire budgeting process faster and more accurate.

By Lilly Wieber

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